Welcome to the Thrive Yoga library. Here you will find all of the videos grouped into the key yoga styles so you can easily find the type of class you want to practise. 

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The pace of these classes is slow with lots of instruction and time to check your alignment.



The pace of the class is a little faster and more dynamic. These classes are sequenced using Sun Salutations and often include some more challenging postures.



These classes offer guided practices to help you slow down, breathe more deeply and quieten the thoughts so you feel clearer, calmer and more relaxed.


Before trying a class it is important that you read the disclaimer and the tips below to get the most benefit from your class:

Make sure you have a clear space around your mat and are wearing stretchy, comfortable clothes so you can move easily.

Move within your range of movement, never forcing or straining. This is really important. Remember, you are trying to create ease and freedom within your body – it’s not a competition.

Don’t practice if you are feeling unwell or have an injury and consult your doctor before starting if you have a medical condition or are pregnant.

Make sure to leave at least 1.5 hours between eating a meal and practising yoga. Doing any exercise on a full stomach is not good for your digestion and might make you feel uncomfortable or nauseous.

Breathe deeply, relax and enjoy your yoga.

Thrive Yoga does not offer medical advice and does not accept liability for any damage or any injury caused whilst using the videos – you participate at your own risk.

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