Sowing Hardy Annual Seeds At The End Of February

It's the last week of February and, as the days are getting longer, there is enough light to start sowing Hardy Annual seeds now.  Hardy Annuals will cope with any frost and bad weather that might come our way over the next 2 or 3 months so there's no need to worry about them dying of cold. It's prime growing time and, if you sow them now, they'll be strong and healthy and will flower earlier too. 

Take a look at my previous post which gives you a 'shopping list' of things you need to buy or gather together HERE and then get outside and start sowing.  You can choose any seeds that say 'Hardy Annual' on the packet - don't be tempted to sow any Half-Hardy Annuals yet, it's just too early.  

If you're new to sowing seeds I've made a short a video of how I'm sowing most of my Hardy Annuals right now which I hope will be helpful.  Bigger seeds such as Cerinthe will need to go in the trays with bigger cells and for how to sow Sweet Peas, please see my previous post HERE. I'll keep you posted on how they're getting on and give you the next instructions as we get there.  Remember the golden rule though - starting your seeds off on a window sill will help them germinate a bit more quickly but, if you do, you MUST get them outside into a cool but sheltered place such as a coldframe or greenhouse (see my makeshift greenhouse in the previous post) as soon as they have germinated otherwise they won't grow big and strong, they'll be all weak and spindly.  

Feel free to ask me any questions either by dropping me an email, or a message on the Flo's Flowers pages on Facebook or Instagram.  Enjoy your sowing - it's very therapeutic.