Strengthen Your Core

Duration: 36 minutes

Emphasis:  Your core is made up of muscles in your back and abdomen. They help keep your body stable and balanced and protect your spine. In this class of seated, kneeling and supine poses we will engage the 4 sets of muscles that make up your abs - Transverse Abdomini (the deepest layer that wraps around your middle, front to back, like a girdle), the Internal and the External Obliques (that lie diagonally on either side of the torso) and the Rectus Abdomini (which lies over the top of the others extending vertically from the ribs to the pubic bone) - some of the muscles of your back (Erector Spinae, Multifidis, Quadratus Lumborum, Semispinalis and lower Latissimus Dorsi), the Iliopsoas in your hip and your pelvic floor muscles. Phew! What a lot of muscles are involved in keeping your core strong and stable!

Props needed: A flat block to go under your heels in Malasana, two bricks or big books to go under your hands in Tolasana and a blanket if you need it to pad your knees and to put over you in Savasana.

Mat direction: Long side of mat facing the screen so you can see it while you are lying down.

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