Yoga With Your Sofa

Duration: 21 minutes

Emphasis:  Been sitting on the sofa for a while? It's time to slide off onto the floor and let the sofa help you do a little yoga. In this class we'll practise Staff Pose with Raised Hands (Urdhva Hasta Dandasana), some side bends, twists and forward bends including Wide Legged Seated Forward Bend (Upavista Konasana). We'll practice Bound Angle Pose (Baddha Konasana) both sitting upright, allowing the sofa to make this pose so much more easeful than usual, and lying down with the feet on the edge of the sofa before relaxing in a supported Savasana for a short while. Please note, I had some issues with background noise in this video so the volume may be a little low - apologies for that.

Props needed: A sofa!!

Mat direction: N/A

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