Shoulder Opening and Shoulderstand

Duration: 34 minutes

Emphasis:  We start this class with modified Sun Salutations - no stepping back and forward. The sequence progresses with Locust Pose (Salabasana) variations and some shoulder openers then, after setting up the mat and blanket, comes Shoulderstand (Sarvangasana). Once settled into the pose some variations are offered, including Plough Pose (Halasana), and then the counterpose for Shoulderstand, Fish Pose (Matsyasana). Happy Baby Pose (Ananda Balasana), a supine twist and Reclined Bound Angle Pose( Supta Baddha Konasana) follow next before we finish the practice with Savasana. Please note: Although there are many benefits to practising Shoulderstand (calming to the nervous system, stretches upper back and neck, regulates the thyroid gland, helps digestion, restful for the heart as it doesn't have to pump the blood up to the legs, stimulates the lymphatic system and strengthens the whole body), it also has some contraindications (high blood pressure, eye, ear and neck problems, heart problems, pregnancy and menstruation, hiatus hernia) and should be practised with care.

Props needed: A blanket, 2 blocks and 2 bricks plus a yoga belt if you need it to join your hands together behind your back.

Mat direction: Long edge of the mat facing the screen.

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