Lizard Pose Flow

Duration: 47 minutes

Emphasis:  Each consecutive Sun Salutation will offer a different version of Lizard Pose (Uttan Pristhasana), deepening it each time. Lizard Pose is a lovely hip-opener and stretches the ilio-psoas muscles which are situated close to the spine and within the pelvis, joining the lumbar spine to the top of your legs (click HERE to see a previous post and diagram of them). These core muscles get shortened in our culture of spending so much time sitting down and all the lunges and hip openers that we do in our yoga practice help to stretch and release them, improving posture and helping the lower back to feel more comfortable.

Props needed: A blanket to kneel on, a thick book or blocks for under your forearms when we deepen the Lizard Pose and possibly a strap to loop around your foot when we catch hold of it in one variation.

Mat direction: Short edge facing the screen.

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