Stretching The Front Of The Body With Gentle Backbends

Duration: 26 minutes

Emphasis:  It feels good to stretch and open up the front of the body, especially if you've been working at a desk or sitting in a car all day. In this slow class we'll do some gentle backbends to open the chest, create more room to breathe and more room for the internal organs too. You'll strengthen the back of your body too while you're doing it.

Props needed:  Blocks, bricks and a blanket or, if you don't have these, use 3 folded blankets and a couple of thick hardback books instead.

Mat direction: Long side of the mat facing the screen will give you the best view when you're lying down.
Note: My video camera is having some problems focussing at the moment. Apologies for the times the video goes out of focus - I hope it doesn't spoil the enjoyment of your class. 

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