Tutorial on Lowering Down To The Ground and Upward Facing Dog Using a Bolster - December 2023

Duration: 29 minutes

Emphasis: Lowering down to the ground from Downward Facing Dog into Cobra Pose and/or from Chaturanga to Upward Facing Dog in Sun Salutations is a challenge. You need good upper body strength to do both and without it the resulting 'collapse' can cause discomfort in the lower back. This tutorial uses a bolster to increase your awareness of your alignment and support you in this often tricky this transition. After the tutorial we do a short sequence using the bolster for support including Locust Pose (Salabhasana) and Thunderbolt Pose (Virasana) before resting in Savasana.

Props needed: A bolster or two pillows and a blanket plus two blocks or thick books.

Mat direction: Short edge of the mat facing the screen.

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