Slow Flow Yoga with Relaxing Sound Bath - Wednesday 24th October at 7-8.30pm at the Reading Room

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Enjoy a 45 minute slow stretching sequence of yoga taught by me, followed by 45 minutes of Savasana (Yes! 45 minutes! Bliss!) accompanied by Anna playing her crystal singing bowls and other instruments. As you are bathed in sound (hence the name Sound Bath) your body and mind will be able to completely relax. 

Unlike when you listen to a tune, the brain cannot follow or predict the sounds that are played at a Sound Bath so it starts to let go of the need to do so. As it surrenders it moves into the Alpha brainwave state of 8-12Hz where daydreaming and imagination take place.  As the process takes you deeper into relaxation the Theta state follows: 4-7Hz is where deep meditation and healing take place. Some people do go to sleep and enter the Delta brainwave state.

There is nothing to do during the Sound Bath other than to lie down, get warm and comfortable and relax.  How often do we get the time to do that in our busy lives?