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Hello and welcome to the Thrive Yoga Lifestyle Blog which aims to inspire you to exercise your creativity and add some magic to your everyday life. I hope what I share with you here to awaken your awareness of the simple things in life and remind you to take small steps to help you feel more fulfilled. Each week I share recipes, articles about yoga and wellbeing, relaxing music and uplifting video clips and my own personal musings on life, yoga and everything...

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Recent articles

  Thursday 14th February - Poems, Paintings, Pineapple and Passion fruit
  Monday 4th February - New Skills, Soup and Snowdrops
  Tuesday 22nd January - The Significance of the Number 108, and Lentils and Parsnips On My Plate
  Wednesday 9th January 2019 - Resolutions and Risotto
  Thursday 20th December - Going Away, Coming Home, Pesto and Your Piriformis
  Monday 10th December - Menuhin, Martinis, Mantras and Mindfulness
  Friday 30th November - Contemplation, Classical Music and Climate Change
  Monday 19th November - A Journey, A Curry And A Bit Of Self-Discipline
  Monday 12th November - Adventures in Amsterdam, Pasta and Pianos
  Monday 5th November - Cleanliness, Cookies and Contemplation
  Monday 29th October - Beachy Head(stands), The Clear Blue Mind and Ribollita
  Monday 15th October - Buddha Bowls and Bullying
  Monday 8th October - Walking for Wellness
  Monday 1st October - Non-Stealing, Self-Compassion, Beautiful Cake and Beautiful Chorus
  Monday 23rd September - Into the Blue
  Monday 17th September - Autumn Fruits and Ahimsa
  Monday 13th August - Soup and Stillness
  Tuesday 31st July - Sparkling Wine, Summer Salad and Music for Savasana
  Monday 2nd July - Standing Poses, Spelt Risotto and Some Other Interesting Things (hopefully!)
  Friday 15th June - Restful Retreats and Flowers and Bees
  Friday 1st June - Marathons and Mushrooms
  Sunday 20th May - Wild Things
  Friday 4th May - Growth, Gardening and Gratitude
  Saturday 21st April - balance, connection and your core
  Tuesday 10th April - Finding Your Rectus Abdominis, and a Restorative Sequence to Practise
  Red Wine, White Clouds and Transverse Abdominals
  Tuesday 13th March - unicorns, obliques and breakfast granola
  Monday 5th March - Goa Sunsets and Vegan Cookies
  Wednesday 14th February - All You Need Is Love
  Friday 9th February - Hello from Goa and a 5 Pose Flow
  Monday 29th January - Animals and Avocados and a '5 Pose Flow'
  Monday 22nd January - Bird Poses, Birdwatch and Bang Bang Cauliflower
  Monday 15th January - Thread the Needle, Cook Some Tarts and Virtually Visit the Mountains
  Monday 8th January 2018 - we are all connected
  Saturday 16th December - Coughs and Ginger and Comfort and Joy
  Friday 8th December - Hidden Gems and Hearty Soups, Rhomboid Muscles and Relaxing Mantras
  Saturday 25th November - Simba and Simhasana - fierce and fabulous lions
  Tuesday 14th November - the seaside, self-care and soup
  Monday 6th November - The Benefits of Savasana - why it feels so good and why it's so important
  Monday 23rd October - Self-Compassion versus the Inner Critic
  Monday 9th October - Let Go, Let Go, Let Go
  Monday 25th September - 6 Ways to Help You Transition into Autumn More Easily
  Friday 15th September - Movement and Mindfulness and a Little Bit of Mother Nature's Magic
  Wednesday 16th August - Courage and Confidence in a Kayak
  Thursday 3rd August - Strength of Body, Strength of Mind
  Thursday 20th July - Greetings From Austria
  Friday 14th July - Tips for Keeping Your Yoga Practice Going Over the Summer Holidays
  Friday 30th June - Down (Dog) with the Kids - doing yoga with children
  Monday 19th June - International Yoga Day is nearly here
  Thursday 8th June - More Mudras, Pad Thai Salad, Sparkling and Yoga Photographers
  Monday 29th May - Mudras, Mint, Men Doing Yoga and Moaning
  Sunday 21st May - Yin Yoga, Seva and Red Pepper Dip
  Friday 12th May - short and sweet - it's been a busy week
  Thursday 4th May - Describing Words
  Thursday 27th April - Yoga Nidra, Bananas and Bagels
  Thursday 20th April - Saturday is Earth Day
  Thursday 13th April - Yoga at Easter-time
  Thursday 6th April - How Yoga Helps You To Create Space in Body, Mind and Spirit
  Monday 27th March - Breathe Deeply
  Monday 20th March - Dancer's Pose
  Monday 13th March - Bollywood, Beetroot and a bit more about Bow Pose
  Monday 6th March - Rainbows
  Monday 27th February - Snowflakes, Stars, and Dogs on the Blog
  Monday 20th February - Coconut Care and Nutritious Nutella
  Monday 13th February - Greetings from India
  Monday 30th January - Solo at La La Land
  Monday 23rd January - Unity
  Monday 16th January 2017 - Samskaras and Sankalpas: making New Year's Resolutions the Yoga Way