This Free Challenge will help you to create some space in your home and in your head so you feel clearer and lighter  

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Hello and welcome to the Challenge,

My name is Deborah and I'll be your guide through the coming week as I help you to clear out the clutter and get organised. 

At this time of year our thoughts often turn to spring cleaning. The lighter, brighter days and growing energy of the natural world inspire us to get organised and create some space for ourselves in our homes.  

As we go through life it is inevitable that we accumulate things along the way but, although we enjoy having our favourite and useful possessions around us, there is often unwanted and unused 'stuff' that builds up over time, in cupboards and drawers, wardrobes and shelves until we are full to the brim. Crowded by these things that we store 'just in case' we might use them one day, we can feel weighed down, heavy and stuck. We know we need to offload some 'stuff' to feel more spacious and free but sometimes it can be hard to gather the momentum and make the decisions about what can stay and what can go.  So that's what we'll be doing in this Challenge - taking it one day at a time, clearing one room at a time, completing one task at a time.
The Challenge starts on Monday 10th April and finishes on Sunday 16th April. Each day I will send you an email with a task to complete - there will be the option to do either a 15 minute Hot Spot Challenge focussing on one small area of the room or, if you have more time, you can get stuck in and do the Clean and Clear Challenge where we'll tackle a larger area. There will be a short meditation video to help you get in the right frame of mind and feel clearer in your head, plus motivation and tips to help keep you on track and follow through to achieve successful results. We'll connect over at the private Facebook group and support each other and share our successes. 

If the idea of clearing out clutter sounds appealing simply click the link below and you'll be directed to the Sign Up page. After entering your email address you'll receive a Welcome email with a few more details and the link to join the private Facebook group. It's going to be fun and I can't wait to connect with you and get started. 

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With my very best wishes.