About Joining Thrive Yoga

How can I access the Thrive Yoga classes?

Click the Join Now tab at the top of this page and you'll be guided through the process.

What happens once I've joined Thrive Yoga?

I'll send you an email confirming your subscription and you can then log in with the details you provided. Then each time you visit Thrive Yoga you can go straight to the Member Log In page and get instant access to the videos.

New classes will be added to the library regularly so you'll always have new classes to do, or you can revisit your favourite ones whenever you like. I'll post weekly on the Thrive Yoga Blog too, with interesting articles from the yoga and wellbeing world and inspirational pictures, quotes and videos to help keep you motivated to do your yoga practice regularly and get the most from your membership.

You can also keep in touch with me and fellow Thrive yogis on our Facebook page.

What if I want to cancel my Thrive Yoga membership?

You can cancel at any time by clicking on My Account and selecting the cancel button. Once you have cancelled, you will have access to the videos for the remainder of that billing period and you will not be charged for any future month's membership.

About Yoga

Yoga is a system of physical, mental and spiritual exercises which was developed over 500 years ago in India. In ancient times, the purpose of yoga was primarily to quieten the mind and achieve enlightenment. Nowadays, in the West, yoga has developed to focus mainly on the postures (asanas), breathing exercises (pranayama) and meditation (dhyana), which together bring wellbeing and ease to both body and mind.

How will yoga help me?

In many ways! Yoga will help you feel more comfortable and at ease in your body as your general flexibility and strength improves. It can help with many physical problems including back ache, sciatica, stiff shoulders, tight hamstrings, asthma... and more! If you are stressed, the breathing and relaxation techniques will help you be still and quiet - in body and mind - which is something we don't do much of in our busy and overstimulated lives. Yoga will help you feel good on many levels.

What if I am really stiff and inflexible?

That's fine! You will see steady improvements as your muscles lengthen and your joints become more mobile. You will learn to listen to your body, never pushing it beyond its comfortable limits, and there are alternative postures to try if a particular pose is not accessible to you. You will also learn to listen to the wisdom of your body rather than the ego when it tells you to go for the more advanced posture even though you know you are not ready! This is yoga for you and your body, as it is here and now.

I'm really not sure that yoga is for me.

Why not give I a try and see how it feels? You can cancel any time and you will not be charged for future months' membership.

Can men do yoga too?

Yes indeed they can! Here in the Western world more women seem to do yoga than men. This is slowly changing as more and more men are realising how beneficial it can be. It is the perfect balance to the active sports such as football, cycling, running and gym work that men often do. Slow stretching is so good for those tight muscles. And for those men who don’t do any exercise and lead a more sedentary life, it offers all the physical and mental benefits mentioned above.

Do I need to check with my Doctor first before beginning classes with Thrive Yoga?

If you have any health concerns at all, it is important to check with your Doctor first. As with any exercise programme, there is a risk of injury. If at any time during the classes you feel unwell, or experience any pain, please stop and consult your Doctor.

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I have some more questions!

Please contact and leave your details and I will be happy to answer any queries.