Storyteller - some lovely poems by Morgan Harper Nichols

Last week I held some Yin Yoga classes in my little garden studio. I like to create a lovely relaxing atmosphere with fairy lights and candles, cosy blankets and soft music, and I also like to read some poems and passages for quiet contemplation while we're holding the poses for a longer time than usual. I have a few favourite poets whose work seems to fit well with the mood of the class and I've recently discovered a new one. Her name is Morgan Harper Nichols and her book is called 'Storyteller - 100 Poem Letters'. Here are a few I read at class...


For the one wondering what the new month holds:

She will not worry,
She will be just fine.
She will brave the new season
one day at a time.


For this moment:

Even if the wait
carries on another year,
I will not get where I am going
without first learning
to be here.


For the woman telling a story to her friend on a morning walk:

You may remember
everything about this morning,
or you may remember
none of it at all,
but if nothing else,
it is good for you to have this space
to walk it out and talk it through.
Because far too often
the world has felt too big,
and there was a time
when you felt helpless,
crowded and alone all at once.
But now you are here,
and you know at least one person,
on at least one day,
who found at least one moment
to walk, to talk and listen.
Because sometimes
it's just these candid conversations
in faithful morning light
that remind us we are not alone
and we are going to be alright. 


For the one anticipating what the rest of the year might bring:

And if everything
does not fall into place
at the same time and pace
that does not mean
the years you've waited
have somehow been a waste.
Keep planting, sowing,
living, and knowing
beautiful things
take time...
and that's okay. 


Aren't they lovely? I hope you enjoyed them. She has a new book coming out in January which I hope will be just as good as Storyteller and I'll continue to read some in the peaceful pauses in the Yin Yoga classes and share some here on the Blog too.