A Poem About Frost

While here in Surrey we wait for the first frost (and I might have the novel experience of having to dig my dahlias up before a frost arrives), I'm sure in other parts of the country they must have had one by now.  In my quest to think about winter in a different and more positive way than I usually do, I thought I'd share this lovely poem about frost.  After reading it I'm almost excited for when the frost arrives so I can go and look at it with a new perspective....


November Morning

by Evelyn Stein (1863-1923)


A tingling, misty marvel 
  Blew hither in the night, 
And now the little peach-trees 
  Are clasped in frozen light.

Upon the apple-branches 
  An icy film is caught, 
With trailing threads of gossamer 
  In pearly patterns wrought.

The autumn sun, in wonder, 
  Is gayly peering through 
This silver-tissued network 
  Across the frosty blue.

The weather-vane is fire-tipped, 
  The honeysuckle shows 
A dazzling icy splendor, 
  And crystal is the rose.

Around the eaves are fringes 
  Of icicles that seem 
To mock the summer rainbows 
  With many-colored gleam.

Along the walk, the pebbles 
  Are each a precious stone; 
The grass is tasseled hoarfrost, 
  The clover jewel-sown.

Such sparkle, sparkle, sparkle 
  Fills all the frosty air, 
Oh, can it be that darkness 
  Is ever anywhere!