On A May Evening by Lucy Burrow

I'm sure I've shared this evocative poem before but it definitely bears repeating and is so appropriate at the beginning of this lovely month...


On A May Evening by Lucy Burrow


Daylight's twinkling eye now firmly shuts

And busy bird's nestmaking labours still.

Now all the land takes diff'rent hues of night

And hungry owl-call tones are heard to shrill;

Then, out across the lonely darkness, faint....

At first, then louder, roaring wild ....

I hear the sea, a-calling me to play!

Like holidays when I was just a child.

And, musing in my middle years, I smile

For now I live where holidays were spent

And take for granted gifts of sea and sun and air

Which, as a child for just two weeks were lent.

And, in that moment, listening to the night,

A voice within me now begins to sing

A song of thanks for riches fair as these

That gold and silver riches cannot bring.