An Invocation for the New Year

I'm reading this lovely blessing in my first classes of 2020. I don't know where I got it and at the bottom it says 'author unknown' so I don't know who to credit but I'm sure they would want it to be spread out into the world in the hope it offers guidance, inspiration and benefit to many. Read it and sit for a few minutes meditation afterwards to allow it to soak in. 


Invocation for the New Year


May we willingly release the things we no longer need and follow our hearts on a journey into the new light.

May we plant the seeds of our dreams with hope.

May we nurture them with love, courage, passion and belief.

May we watch them grow strong, sharing our joys with those who are dear to us.

May the year ahead be abundant and gratefully received.

And may we celebrate often, as a community, remembering in our hearts where we truly belong.

And Always –

May there be peace in our hearts, in our land and in our world.

May we honour each other with kindness and inclusion.

May we take care of the earth and all her beauty, treasuring her gifts to us.

May love surround us.

May Love Surround Us.



Mother Protection by Wendy Andrew