Friday 12th May - short and sweet - it's been a busy week

Following on from last week's post where I shared translations of the names of the breathing practices, here are translations of ten of the more straightforward names for the physical postures that we practise in class:

(Asana means posture)

Bow pose - Dhanu is a bow = Dhanurasana

Child’s pose – Bala means a child = Balasana

Mountain pose – Tada means mountain = Tadasana

Tree pose – Vrksa means tree = Vrksasana

Camel pose – Ustra means camel = Ustrasana

Cobra pose – Bhujanga means snake = Bhujangasana

Boat pose – Nava is a boat = Navasana

Eagle pose – Garuda is an eagle = Garudasana

Plough pose – Hala means plough = Halasana

Staff pose – Danda means staff = Dandasana


This Week's Recipe... I've had a busy week this week with no time to cook, but these are on the menu this weekend - I'll report back how they tasted.   If you're trying to eat less meat and more plants why not give this recipe a try too?

This Week's Interesting Word...


This Week's Musical Offering... Played on a hang drum (which is a bit like a steel pan which sits on your lap) this 15 minute track has a gentle rhythm - perfect for slow sun salutations and restorative yoga alike. It's called North East West South and it's by the Hang Playing Hedge Monkeys.

20170512this is a hang drum


This Week's Video.... "The Bucket" It's raining today. It's been a long time coming - my flowers are desperate and the grass is starting to go brown! I saw a post on Facebook the other day from the Hedgehog Preservation Society asking householders to put a dish of water out to help dehydrated hedgehogs.  This lovely video, filmed in one of the desert regions in the USA shows just who comes to take a drink when a bucket of water is available...

and finally... another video... as it's been a busy week I'm feeling the need to slow down. I'm using this video as my To-Do list this weekend. (Click the little square in the bottom right corner to make it fullscreen.) I hope you have a restful one too.  Namaste and thanks for reading...